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When you choose BASIS, you’re not just choosing a product – you’re choosing a partner!

Our BASIS Warehouse Management System monitored the movement of some 25 million items weighing slightly less than 500 million kilograms.

BASIS complies with the Government initiated AP E-cert regulations for dairy exports. Since the inception of the first AP E-cert, we have been actively involved in providing industry solutions.

BASIS Software

Warehouse Management System

  • Inventory Control | Advanced Shipping Notification | Order Processing System | Product Location | Labelling | Certification | Accounting | Remote Access
  • Financial Management System

  • System Manager | General Ledger | Financial Report Writer | Accounts Payable | Credit Management | Counter Receipting | Inventory Control | Fixed Assets | International Students | Integration with KAMAR | Integration with MUSAC
  • Hardware Resellers

    Here at BASIS Developments we source the best quality hardware you need to maximise your software functionality. We also stand behind our hardware products with a full service of repairs or maintenance.

    Software Updates

    Software updates are applied automatically and with constant friendly reminders from our support team to avoid disruption.

    On-site Support

    Our qualified technical experts are available for on-site system support and/or hardware upgrades.


    Job specific training is available to all of our clients, either at our BASIS facilities, or at yours.